Breast tenderness and breast-feeding

After giving birth, due to sudden arrival of milk, some women may have problems with breastfeeding and blocked mammary ducts, which can lead to mastitis.

The biggest problem is that the baby cannot suck the milk because it is too weak to suck, or the amount of milk is too big at that moment. By accumulation of milk in your breasts, breasts become very hard and painful, therefore, it is recommended before breastfeeding to put a warm compress on the chest to expand milk ducts, and then to massage them in a circular motion in the direction of the nipple, while part of your milk should be pumped out to soften the nipple – so that the baby can easily suck.

Although massage of hard nodules is not at all pleasant, be persistent, as only breaking of nodules, pumping and regular massagecan help prevent inflammation. The massage should use a neutral oil such as almond, jojoba or avocado oil.

Traditional folk remedy is to use fresh cabbage leaves compresses that soften breasts and reduce the tension in them. Additional breast massage will also greatly alleviates these symptoms.