Corrective gymnastics for children

Corrective gymnastics for children allow the young ones to enjoy recreational activities.

For children, exercising is a physical activity with fun and contributes to the development of precision, coordination of movement and flexibility.

Carefully designed exercises, adapted to the age, abilities and needs of children, improve their strength, raise energy, self-confidence and provide a good foundation for a lifetime of health.

Specially designed exercises contribute to:

  • Development of muscle and bone tissue
  • Perfecting the coordination and motor skills
  • Developing proper posture
  • Correction of a series of minor functional physical deformities
  • Weight control
  • A better attitude towards life.

Corrective gymnastics can be applied prevently in children who are predisposed to any of postural deformities or as a therapy if deformities are already present. Exercises aim to increase muscle strength and the range of motion and help improve the coordination of movement.

If one parent or both have flat feet, some of the deformities of the chest or spine, it is very likely that the child will have the same problems as well. Mostly at risk are children who have started walking prematurely, who are overweight, physically inactive, who have bad habits in posture or who spend too much time watching television and games.

Deformities can occur in puberty, when children rapidly grow and develop.

Corrective gymnastics exercises are intended to prevent the creation of possible deformities and allow the proper development of the child, and to mitigate the current ones. Exercises directly affect muscles and joints, as well as the entire body. Exercises are targeted to strengthen weaker muscles and to stretches shortened muscles. When there is a chest or spinal deformity, breathing exercises are mandatory.

In our Centre, we deal with the prevention and correction of pathology of the musculoskeletal system in children, and the prevention of disorders of posture (poor posture) of children of all ages, from babies through school age children and adolescents.

Targeted exercises can be successful in correcting deformities such as torticollis (wry neck), dropped arches and flat feet, feet X-shaped and O-shaped feet, poor posture, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis etc.

We carry out individual programs, individual work with children and after individual examination, a child may join a group program.