Individual gymnastics

Individual gymnastics includes exercises that are individually adjusted and conducted by a therapist. They can be active (person does the exercises alone) or passive (when due to a condition, a person is unable to perform exercises).

Active exercises can be aided by a therapist (the therapist helps to perform certain movements) and active with resistance (when the therapist uses his or her body in exerting resistance or when using a particular accessory such as tape, weight, etc.)

Individual gymnastics usually lasts for half an hour to an hour, depending on the condition of the client.

In individual gymnastics, it is important not to look just at “sick” part, but the person as a whole. For instance, if a person has a fracture of the hand, it is necessary to look at and, if necessary, to include the treatment of the entire arm, shoulders and back, as well as the entire opposite hand. If necessary, massage, cryotherapy and other electrotherapy procedures may be included as well.