Massage has existed since the ancient times. As a means of treatment, it appeared 3000 years B.C. for the first time.

Over the years, massages have been “complemented” with different techniques and with the development of medicine, all kinds of medicinal oils and fats and manipulation techniques have been used.

Dermal massage works on the muscular, nervous and lymphatic systems. Man instinctively rubs a sore spot in order to achieve relaxation and relief.

Due to the pressures of modern life, not enough exercise, sedentary lifestyle and stress – all affect the increased number of diseases of the locomotor system already in young adults and even children. Massage is one of the most acceptable and most accessible treatments in dealing with them.

Massage will act on painful and stiff muscles, and the touch of hands on the body relieves at the same time mental stress and restores emotional balance.

Massage is used as a means of relaxation and as a complementary tool in the treatment against painful conditions.

For a massage, it is important to ensure a comfortable and warm ambience, the oil which corresponds best to the type of massage and skilfull hands of the therapist.


Medical massage aims to relax painful and tense muscles, has a very favourable effect in eliminating myogelosis, muscle spasms and causes a feeling of relaxation. It increases circulation and supplies tissues with oxygen.

Anti-stress massage uses light and relaxing movements with the use of lavender essential oil whose strong scent influences emotions and the spirit and promotes deep relaxation and mental relaxation.

Foot reflexology massage is one of the oldest forms of massage. Reflexotherapy can be carried out both on palms and feet, although feet is more often treated for it has a greater number of nerve endings. Massage stimulates specific points which lead to the improvement of many health problems.

Anti-cellulite massage uses techniques of more intense massage and deep pressure on parts of the body where cellulite has accumulated. This intensive massage stimulates microcirculation, and with the help of anti-cellulite oil, it enhances the breakdown of cellulite.