Massage (partial)30 min.100 kn
Massage (entire body)60 min.180 kn
Massage (entire body, face, chest and abdomen)80 min.220 kn
Yumeiho – Japanese manual massage45/90 min.150/250 kn
Reflexotherapy feet massage30 min100 kn
Antistress massage (face, head and neck)30 min80 kn
Anticellulite massage30 min80 kn
Group exercises45 min/2 times a week200 kn
Group exercises1 session30 kn
Individual exercises30/60 min60/100 kn
Exercises for moms and babies45 min/ 2 times a week150 kn
Corrective gymnastics for children45 min/2 times a week150 kn
Ultrasound10 min.30 kn
Magnet20 min.30 kn
Tens20 min.30 kn
Solux – Infrared lamp15 min.30 kn
Electrostimulation of muscles25 min.50 kn
Home visit (exercises)45 min.150 kn