Painful back

Lower back pain or lumbago is a disease that almost every adult has faced in his life at least once. Statistics show that in the present, civilized and technically advanced society, from 50 to 80 percent of the population suffers or has suffered from back pain.

Such a high percentage is determined by a modern, sedentary work and lifestyle.

Painful back is a name for subjective symptoms that occur in the lumbar (lower part) of the spine. Primarily, pain of varying intensity may occurs. The pain can manifest itself in the area of back and can be transmitted to lower limbs. It may also occur in acute and chronic forms.

Possible causes of this disease are high, and most often these are degenerative changes in the lumbar disc and small joints.

Treatment is most cases is non-operational. The client should pay attention to lifestyle changes. Learning how to improve relationship to your own body and change your current habits, both working and business ones. Pay special attention to movement and exercise.

The training program should focus on isometric and stretching exercises. The program certainly should be individually adapted to the client, with respect to age, sex, state of bones, muscle and ligament system.

As for exercises, exercising in a pool is most beneficial.

In chronic degenerative changes and various causes of instability of the spine, the application of orthosic devices may be suitable – different types of casts and orthopedic accessories that stabilize and relieve the spine.

In our program, we prefer massage, especially YUMEIHO therapy that will relax muscles and be a good foundation for exercises. Also, TENS and ultrasound may be individually recommended. By reducing pain, exercises may be more intense in order to strengthen muscles and improve the overall posture. We are also providing education on how to cope with the problem of back pain and how to better perform activities of daily life with minimal load on the spine.

By reducing weight, increase of physical activities and less sitting, the reduction of pain and problems of painful back will be greatly eased.

The operations are conducted when the cause of pain has been removed surgically. Usually, there are degenerative changes of disc and vertebra and less frequently tumours, congenital anomalies and injuries.

It is recommended to do preoperative preparation to speed up the process of recovery after surgery. The client should be aware of what kind of operation it is, and the time and manner of recovery after surgery.