Back pain after childbirth

The period of pregnancy leaves a static disorder, posture and a burden on your body

After giving birth, because of new unusual positions due to daily contact with your baby, your posture may get worse. Weakened muscles of abdomen and back are not able to support all additional burden you are exposed to and your head, neck and shoulder may suffer during breastfeeding, changing diapers, etc. leading to anatomical changes. These changes may result in uncomfortable tension and muscle tension, and later in pains of neck-shoulder area, nape headaches, mild dizziness or feelings of instability, pain along one or both hands. Also, pain in the lower back and weakened ligaments during pregnancy can lead to problems and pain in the lower back, pelvis and legs.

Treatment is quite simple. The most important thing is to treat the problem at the very beginning, because it can then be resolved quickly and without permanent changes. If the mother immediately reports to a therapist, she will soon be able to continue activities with her baby.

If the problem is neglected, it continues to produce changes in soft tissues, and in the later stages cause problems and displacements of small joints of the spine. One of the causes of this displacement lies in the weakness of ligaments and tendons in pregnant women and nursing mothers – which is hormone-dependent, and also causes long-term, unnatural positions during everyday activities with the baby.

Back pain after delivery and what can a mother do for herself?

Mothers often try to help themselves by resting or by unprofessional massage conducted by family members.

Our Centre offers assistance to young mothers with advice on various positions during breastfeeding and the positions that the mother takes in her daily activities with her baby. If there are any problems and pain, after examination and an interview with the mother, we decide on the use of a particular form of therapy or massage. In practice YUMEIHO Japanese massage / therapy has proven to be very effective.

As a mother is busy with her baby and has obligations in keeping the household, we are able to conduct therapy or massage in your own home.