Moms and expectant moms deserve special attention and we are pleased to offer treatment for young mothers.

I became a mother eight years ago for the first time and I have experienced all the issues that every primipara faces. These include low back pain due to pregnancy and childbirth, pain in the neck and between shoulder blades which are unfortunately caused by bad beds in hospitals and the initial positions when breastfeeding. Furthermore, due to ignorance and inability to establish normal breastfeeding and lactation, milk ducts may become clogged causing breast inflammation.

These are all issues that afflict young mothers and are an obstacle in the early days when a mother should enjoy time with her child.

In order to facilitate early days of motherhood, we are able to offer treatments in your home in the presence of your baby.

How can we help you?

  • Expert and psychological approach to encourage you that you are not the only person experiencing a difficult time and that there are other mothers and babies who have difficulty breastfeeding, changing baby clothes etc.
  • To educate you as to the best way to soothe a child, to demonstrate massage techniques that will help your baby fall asleep more easily and may later alleviate colic (if they arise)
  • To help you with breast pumping and self-massage of breasts
  • Massage techniques and relaxation to relax you so that first days of motherhood go as easily as possible
  • Teach you exercises to get your body back to the shape before pregnancy as soon as possible