Group medical gymnastics

Group medical gymnasticsGroup medical gymnastics includes a set of exercises adjusted according to intensity, type and duration. Exercises can be used to prevent or mitigate the occurrence of a problem with the locomotor system.

For those who already have some kind of imbalance, based on individual examination, it will be established which exercises are suitable for them.

The exercises are adjusted according to age, physical condition and suit everyone, regardless of their medical issue (pain, preoperative and postoperative conditions etc.).

Exercises are carried out 2 times a week for 45 minutes, in groups of up to 12 people. At the beginning of the training, there are 5-10 minutes warm-up exercises, subsequently followed by strength exercises and finally 5-10 minutes stretching exercises. All joints and muscles are included in exercises and breathing exercises are done as well.

The benefits of exercising:

  • pain is reduced over time or even stops
  • muscles get stronger
  • improved mobility, balance and coordination
  • improved blood circulation
  • improved mood

Accessories we use:

  • small and big pilates ball
  • elastic tapes
  • rods
  • pilates circles
  • dumb-bells



Medical gymnastics comprises a group of exercises adjusted by their intensity, type and duration. Exercises are conducted by an expert physiotherapist with a basic goal to improve movability

of spine and joints to strengthen back and abdomen muscles, as well as arms and legs muscles. Exercises are recommended for all age groups and can be adjusted to individual needs of each client

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