FizioTurk Health Center was created with the view to assist everyone who cares about their health. We have an individual approach to each client and one therapist always works with only one client. Our goal is to perceive a person as a whole, and not through his or her disease.

We offer treatments that are desirable for you to maintain and improve your health, as well as treatments intended for those whose health is impaired. As for prevention, we offer various types of massages and corrective exercises. For both of these services, a consultation and an examination need to be made in our Center, for free.




Neck stiffness is a very common occurrence. It can be caused by computer work, long-term reading and learning in unfavorable postures, sitting in draft, or just because of a bad pillow. All of this can make you wake up in the morning with a stiff, sore neck. We have a solution at the FizioTurk Health Center. The use of ultrasound or infrared light combined with neck massage will greatly help to relax muscles and reduce stiffness and pain.

The treatment takes 25 minutes (10 minutes lamp or ultrasound plus 15 minutes neck massage) and all this for only 70 kunas. For payment for 5 treatments in advance, our package price is 300 kn.


We may often be unsure what to gift someone we care about. From our offer, you can choose unique gift coupons made for different occasions, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or just when you want to surprise someone.

A gift with which you will make no mistakes!


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